1. Eligibility: To be eligible for a Device Instalment Plan, a Customer must sign up for, or have an existing, Etisalat pre-paid mobile service. The Device Instalment Plan is not available on a standalone basis.

2. Features: the Device Instalment Plan allows the Customer to pay for Device (s) in monthly instalments over the period specified above as the Instalment Term.

3. Early termination: if the Customer terminates its Etisalat post-paid mobile service before the end of the Instalment Term, the Customer must pay all the remaining outstanding monthly instalments and will no longer be entitled to the Device Instalment Plan.

4. If Customer terminates the device plan before the end of the instalment term, the customer must pay the remaining outstanding instalment amount.

5. Monthly instalments: the monthly instalments will appear on the Customer’s monthly Etisalat invoice and will be payable by the due date of the invoice.

6. Manufacturer warranty: Etisalat is not the manufacturer of the handset and is not liable if the handset does not work or is faulty. Standard manufacturer warranties apply. The Customer should contact the handset warranty supplier if there is any issue with the handset.
8. Etisalth reserves the right to check a customer’s credit history .through etisalt uae app.

Who is eligible for the offer?
  • New customers opting for new post-paid plan.
  • Existing Cutomers who wish to convert there prepaid number to postpaid.
What will happen after i place my order?
  • we will call you to confirm the order details
  • Once confirmed, we’ll schedule a visit so you can sign and activate your new post-paid contract.
When will i recieve my phone?
  • You will receive your new iPhone  within the same working day to which your order is placed. subject to availability.
Can i get the iPhone without the post-paid plan?
  • No you cannot get the iphone without the postpaid plan.
Can i get iphone on my existing post-paid plan?
  • No you have to take a new post-paid plan in order to avail the iphone offer.

If i am existing Etisalth pre-paid customer , can i move to the offer?without the number change?

  • Yes we provide the facility to have the same number and get the avail offer.
How many handset can i activate under my account?
  • Customers can activate a maximum of two handset offers under their account.